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Hello, my name is Ollie Taylor and I am a Survivor.

In July 2013, my world was shaken when I received the news that I had Breast Cancer. After feeling sad for a day or two, I regained my fighting spirit and held fast to my faith in God and went down the recovery road to beat Breast Cancer.

In September 2013, I had surgery to begin the recovery process to free my body of Cancer. During this time my cousin, who is also my pastor came to check on me. During the visit she spoke about Mary’s Room, which is a non-profit organization that works with Breast Cancer patients by redecorating their bedroom for free; and her daughter who is the president would be contacting me for a room makeover.

When I spoke with Cassandra Summers about the upcoming room makeover, my spirits were lifted just knowing that someone else cares about me and my recovery process. As the project started to take shape, I was excited to see the daily progress on my bedroom makeover. But, when the project was finished, tears just ran down my face because the room was totally transformed. The room is so bright and peaceful and the furniture arrangement makes the room look bigger. I can’t believe this is my room. It is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Words cannot express my level of gratitude to God for my healing. Just when you think you are alone, God always has a ram in the bush to help brighten your day and my ram in the bush was Mary’s Room. This is a wonderful organization and I am asking everyone to give to this organization so they can continue to grow and help others.

Mrs. Ollie Taylor

Minnie's Room



Life is full of twist and turns, peaks and valleys that test your faith.  In 2009, my faith was tested when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  By the grace of God, my Breast Cancer was caught early and I underwent chemo and radiation, but that was not the end for me.

Unfortunately, my Cancer resurfaced in 2013 and I had to have surgery to free my body of Breast Cancer.  Who thought, who know?  God thought, God know, that I still had another round with Breast Cancer before the story was finished.  But, through faith and a strong support system of family, friends and my church family, I made it through and you can too. I want everyone to know that all things are possible with faith in God.

As I was going through my recovery, God put a special person in my life and that person is Cassandra Christopher-Summers who approached me at church one Sunday to inform me that I had been selected for a complimentary room makeover by Mary’s Room Non-profit Organization.  As Cassandra and I spoke more about the upcoming room makeover, she kept me engaged throughout the entire project.  When the room was finished, I was blown away with how colorful and inviting the room felt. It was simply BEAUTIFUL!  I find myself sitting in my room for hours on end just relaxing and enjoying the warmth and love that radiates from the room.

I can’t say “THANK – YOU” enough to God for my healing and for all the blessing He has bestowed upon me during and after my battle with Breast Cancer.  I want to give a very special “THANK – YOU” to Cassandra and the Mary’s Room team for blessing me with such a selfless gift of their time and talent.

Mrs. Minnie Turnage

Samantha's Room


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Everyone’s life journey is different. You will have many bumps in the road but if you have the right attitude and support, your journey will be worth the travel. This is my story of how two words became a bump in my road but not the end.

In September 2011, I made an appointment with my primary doctor for a check-up. I wanted to ask him about a little bump I felt. After I brought it to his attention he immediately referred me to get a mammagram, ultrasound, and a biopsy. After following my doctor’s orders I made my appointments. It was only a week later that I received news that I had Stage-Two Breast Cancer. The first thing that ran through my mind was the love and support of my family. I knew no matter what they would be right by my side. I took comfort in knowing that I wouldn’t be in this alone. I met with my family to inform them of the life changing news I received. We went right into “game” mode, setting a plan of attack and what we needed to do. Our first step was to set a date for my operation (October 2011).

Going into surgery I was very optimistic and worry-free. I had a dynamic medical team, who stayed in constant communication with me pre and post-operation. I had my church family always lifting me up in prayer, the love and support of my family and friends, and of course my faith in God. I knew everything would turn out alright. After the surgery went well, the next step of this process was to go through rounds of Chemo. I thought to myself, “One step down and two more to go”.

When I started my Chemo, my family and I kept our spirits high but our faith higher. As the weeks went by I started to notice a change. My hair had started to fall out and my appetite changed….. minor problems but nothing I couldn’t handle. Until one day I wanted to relax after a long day and drink a hot cup of tea. My taste buds were so off that it turned my long time friend tea against me. That really did it for me; Breast Cancer has made this fight personal. I continued to count down the weeks of Chemo I had left until there was no more. Again, I thought to myself “Two steps down and one more to go”.

Two weeks later I started going through radiation. I went to radiation five times a week, quickly counting down the days when this too would be over. As I was finishing up my last week of radiation, I thought about how this journey all began. How two words like Breast Cancer could turn one’s world up-side-down.

During the same time, I was approached by a fellow church member, Sister Bailey. She told me about an organization called “Mary’s Room”. She informed me that Mary’s Room works with Breast Cancer patients by decorating their bedroom to lift their spirits while fighting Breast Cancer and they wanted to show their support to me. I was honored that I was chosen to be a candidate for a room makeover by Mary’s Room.

On June 1st 2012, Cassandra Summers of Mary’s Room came to my home and began to work her magic. The next day Ms. Summers came back to put the finishing touching on my room. The anticipation was killing me; I was so excited to see what my new room would look like. Moments later, I walked into what look like to me, a page out of an IKEA book. My room was simply beautiful. I want to thank my family, my church family and Mary’s Room for all of their love and support during my battle with Breast Cancer.




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2012 Humanitarian Award

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On Sept 20, 2012 Cassandra Christopher-Summers, founder and president of Mary's Room was honored in Washington DC by the National Association of Letter Carriers with the 2012 Humanitarian Award.